Harness Hunting Backpacks Harness

Our Fanny Pack/Harness is where the Hunt Hard system begins. Use alone, or combine it into seven different configurations as the attachment base/yoke for the Eastern, Western, and Spotter packs. Waist and shoulder straps are fully padded ...read more

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Eastern Top Hunting Backpacks Eastern Top

By adding the 617 cubic inch Eastern top pack to the upper portion of the fanny pack, the Eastern pack system is built.  If you purchased a Western pack and would like more versatility on those light days, simply purchase and repl ...read more

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Water Bladder Hunting Backpacks Water Bladder

Our Water Bladders are custom built specifically for Hunt Hard Packs. Only the best materials are used: neoprene insulated covers on the straw to prevent freezing on cold days, Swiss bite nozzles with cover, and Microban antimicrobial pro ...read more

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Welcome to Hunt Hard Llc. Hunting Gear and Clothing made for the avid outdoorsmen. Featuring our Hunt Hard Backpacks and Daypacks.

Featured Item:
Western Setup with Eastern Riding Piggyback ... Click for Details
Add the 1683 cubic inch Western Pack to the Fanny Pack/Harness to build our largest daypack. The Western gives you up to 3678 cubic inches of available space when clipping on the Double Barrel and/or Eastern for additional storage. This large but lightweight set-up is ideal for late season hunts where extra clothing and gear is needed. Professional guides love the versatility of the Western. It allows you to load up with all you need for a long day on the mountain.  Picture shows Eastern riding piggyback on the Western.


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